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Male Extra Reviews

Male Extra is one of the popular names in the world of penis enhancement solutions. Basically, Male Extra is a penis enhancement program that comes with a claim that it will enlarge your penis up to 3 inches. The makers of the product back this bold claim with a 90 day money back offer.

Can penis enlargement pills really increase penis size?

Yes. Penis enlargement pills can really help you enlarge your penis, however do not expect gains bigger than 1 – 3 inches (even though some of penis enlargement pills are promising you it’s their penis enlargement product that can add your penis those additional 4 inches – which doesn’t happen).
Some of the ingredients found in penis enlargement pills can also help you to strengthen your erections and enhance sexual potency.

Are there any other benefits of penis enlargement pills (besides enlarging your penis)?

Besides enlarging your penis, penis enlargement pills have been proven to have lots of positive effects on your sexual life and penis health. Some of the main positives of penis enlargement pills are:

  • stronger and more powerful erections
  • increased sexual stamina
  • stronger climaxes and orgasms
  • increased blood flow in genital area
  • increased ejaculation volume
  • greater control over ejaculation
  • urinary flow improvement
  • improving sexual desire
  • treatment of impotence
  • increased sperm production

What’s in store?

Male Extra comes with a dual package that includes Male Extra pills and exercises. Male Extra penis pills are made up of natural ingredients that are known to offer amazing erections. On the other hand, penis exercises enable users to naturally increase their penis size by merely devoting 8 minutes of their daily time. The exercises are available in DVD form. The bigger question is, does Male Extra really works?

Does Male Extra work?

Male Extra includes a unique and patented formula that has never been incorporated in any other penis enlargement pills. The inclusion of pomegranate juice in its composition does wonders for the product’s performance. It’s a well documented fact that pomegranate has great success rate against erectile dysfunction. It has enough properties that can make users feel healthier and energetic.
The fact that the penis enlargement pills are backed with special penis exercises, the dual formula is bound to offer results because it’s meant to work on our penis both from inside and outside. Satisfied consumers confirm that Male Extra offered them noticeable results within the first two weeks of use. Going by customer reviews and testimonials, there are no side effects reported so far with the use of Male Extra pills.

Good Points

It’s suitable for men of all ages. A single box contains 90 pills. It’s rare to find similar pills sold with such good quantity. One can enjoy a risk free trial as well because the company offers full money back guarantee. To top it all, free shipping feature is offered to worldwide customers. There are loads of bonuses included in the package such as penis health DVD, massage DVD, 54 DVD’s and free access to penis health website.

Bad points

Priced at $88.95, it may be expensive on some wallets. However, considering the quality and other bonuses included in the package, the product seems decently priced.

What Results to Expect?

Since human bodies respond differently, results are difficult to predict. However initial feedbacks gathered from past users have been pretty impressive. Most men did experience positive results within the first week itself. Those who resorted to long term use experienced best results.

Where to buy male extra pills?

Interested candidates are advised to purchase the product from the official website only to avoid low potency imitations of the original product. The link will take direct you to the product’s authentic website:

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