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Male Extra Male Enhancement Pills Review

Male Extra is the ONLY penis enlargement pill to contain a highly concentrated and pure dosage of Pomegranate with 70% ellagic which is nature’s natural male enhancement! This is probably the reason why the test was so successful and the fantastic result.

Male Extra Extras

Male Extra also has a key feature that other male enhancement pills don’t have. The package bundle in the Penis Health, which is massively famous male enhancement exercise system that you can apply while you consume Male Extra pill to make your penis bigger and longer by up to 3 inches in length and in girth. It also aid in solving penis curvature problem and premature ejaculation.

This combined system is unique and only found in Male Extra to achieve harder, bigger and more intense erections while boosting your sex life to next level.

Products Comparison

How does Male Extra fair against other similar male enhancement products in the market?

What you get from Male Extra is a well packaged product which contains 90 pills which is extra 30 pills as compare to other products such as ProSolution and VigRX. This is very cost effective which means a better value for your money as compared to other brands.

As mentioned above, the pills are even filled with more mg than any other enhancement pills. The 500mg of the exclusive Pomegranade with 70% Ellagic delivers an exceptional report that Male Extra works better and faster than other products.

It is no doubt that Male Extra has the extra advantages over other male enhancement brands!

Benefits of Male Extra

Here is a list of the benefits you will get from Male Extra :

  • It can help you to gain thicker, fuller and harder erections
  • You will get a longer-lasting erection
  • You will also get the PenisHealth™ Male Enhancement exercises included
  • You will receive free LoveCentria™better sex techniques
  • You got a brand new unique formula for a healthy and active sex
  • You are protected by the 180-day money back guarantee
  • Malextra contains Pomegranate 70% ellagic acid
  • The supplements aid in maintaining and support male sexual health
  • You have got yourself a massive 1500 mg of unique male formulation per serving
  • Free worldwide shipping from nearest depot to ensure faster delivery


The conclusion is as seen above, a clear winner for male enhancement category. This is the best pill although the competitor such as VigRX running close, but it is clear when you see the ingredients used and the price, no doubt this Male Extra is the best.

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