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Performer 5 Reviews



Performer5 is a sexual health pill that can help you impress your partner from day one. It’s known to boost one’s natural ejaculation volume, sexual appetite, erection ability and potency levels.

What is Performer5 made up of?

Performer5 includes 100% natural FDA approved ingredients that are clinically tested for their effectiveness and safety. It comprises of a unique composition of certain ingredients that are hardly included in any other sexual pills. Zinc, L-arginine, Mucuna Pruriens and Pomegranate are combined together to provide the strongest ejaculations possible.

Does Performer 5 really works

Does Performer 5 work is a common question posed by most online users. Based on customer reviews, it appears so. As such, Performer5 works by satisfying our bodily needs for essential nutrients required for strong orgasms and ejaculations. Ironically, even the healthiest diet lack the nutrients required for improved sexual performance. In other words, the only way to impress your partner in the bedroom is to feed your body with a powerful dose of Performer 5 pill, especially if your sexual life has gone dull.


Unlike other products, Performer 5 pills focus solely on one’s penis from both inside and outside. The fact that there are no chemical components included in the list of ingredients can keep you immune from side effects. Performer 5 reviews and testimonials claim that one can experience outrageous sexual appetite and erections following the use of Performer 5 pills.

As a bonus, users are offered free DVD and other online resources to armor their sexual knowledge to a whole new level. The company also provides a supportive customer care team that can attend your queries. Those who don’t experience positive results within six months can apply for a complete refund.


Although the product is effective, results do not showcase a uniform pattern. While some individuals may experience immediate results, some may experience noticeable results at a later stage than others. Several Performer 5 review back this claim.

Where to buy Performer 5 pills?

Users can easily buy Performer 5 pills online. Priced at $68.95 for one month supply, Performer 5 pills make a fairly good investment deal. The best way to place your order for Performer 5 pills is through the authorized website itself. The following link will take you directly to the official website: Those who have already made up their minds can place the order right away. Very soon, you will see yourself performing like a porn star!

How much do penis enlargement pills cost?

If you have decided to buy your first box of penis enlargement pills, you should keep in mind not to spend more money on penis enlargement pills than is really needed.

Remember, penis enlargement is a timely process and can take up to 6 months until you’ll see the results.
One month supply of penis enlargement pills can cost from $39-$99 but will probably won’t do too much with your penis in such a short time.

If you’re going to buy penis enlargement pills, you should be ready to buy at least three month supply to see the first results to your penis, but it’s strongly recommended you count with 6 months, when the penis enlargement gains will be much greater – somewhere from 1 1/2 to 2 inches.

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